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The New York Restaurants We Loved in July


Despite everything that summer brings — the stickiness of the humidity, the smoggy (and occasionally rainy) skies, and the somewhat oppressive heat — nothing will keep a Resy staffer from dining out at their favorite restaurants in the city, and this July has been no exception. Here’s a look at some of the spots we loved most.

Resy Staffer Spotlight: Felicity Lin

Felicity Lin

B2B senior marketing analyst Felicity Lin’s modus operandi is to share her love of restaurants — and to ensure her loved ones aren’t led astray with a bad recommendation. Always up for trying new places and an avid power Beli app user, she loves exploring New York’s breadth of cuisines and restaurants and she always does extensive research to carefully pick and choose them. When we asked her for her favorite Resy restaurants in New York, she told us she’s a regular at the following spots:

The One Where I Take Everyone: Soothr
When I first moved to New York post-grad and was kind of broke, I discovered this place, and it was so affordable but also has this incredible Thai food. I feel like anyone who’s ever been there can understand. The food is just next level, and the staff is lovely. I take friends here all the time.

The One Where Everything’s Always 100: Rolo’s
Dining at Rolo’s is about the whole experience: about getting to the restaurant and also who you go with. It’s just imprinted so deeply in my memory. I love the open kitchen and when I went, it was the first time I dined out with this one group of girls and we had the best time. The whole experience never felt rushed at all, and the food is incredible — especially the polenta bread and the desserts. And honestly, we have Jeremy Allen White from “The Bear” to thank for this rec.

The One Where You Go for Comfort Food: Olle
I’d heard about this place because it’s owned by the same people who own a famous galbi jjim spot in Fort Lee, N.J., Pyeongandong, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s the perfect spot to go to when you’re in Midtown; it feels like you’re having a homecooked meal. The galbi jjim and cold noodles are just the perfect combination and it’s easy to get a spot here even at the last minute.

The One Where You Want to Linger: Ci Siamo
It’s one of those fancy occasion spots that’s great for taking family — a place for a nice sit-down dinner where you can talk for a few hours. It’s spacious and beautifully designed the food is really good, with unique Italian appetizers, homey and rustic pastas, and some truly excellent gelato. They really take care of their diners and make sure you have a good experience. I really like to enjoy my time with family and friends, and this is the perfect spot for it.

The One Where You Go for Ramen (and Wine): Tonchin Brooklyn
I’ve always loved going to their location in Manhattan but what I love about the Brooklyn location is that they also have wine, so you can pair all those same great dishes with this incredible wine selection that they have. The space is so nice and it’s also this perfect summer spot when you want a glass or wine but also some Japanese food and ramen.

The One Where I Feel at Home: Wenwen
I’m Taiwanese and grew up there, and it’s really hard for me to find good homecooked Taiwanese food in New York that’s not overpriced but when you’re at Wenwen you really feel like you’ve stepped onto this Taiwanese street and you’re back in Taiwan all over again. They even have this one cider that we always drink back home but is hard to find here. Everything here is good but I’d go back to Wenwen just for the fried tangyuan ice cream dessert alone. I also love stopping by there for weekend brunch because you can actually try their elusive BDSM chicken in sandwich form.

Head here on a weekend …

To get the shiso scallop “tacos” at Saint Julivert Fisherie on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Our server pointed us to the scallops which we weren’t even considering, not because they didn’t sound delicious — everything did! — and it turned out to be our favorite dish. We also shared the Cantabrian anchovies with beet butter (so good), whipped mackerel, wild shrimp, and squid a la plancha. Also, don’t miss the chartreuse ice cream.

Kat Hsu, Product Manager


Veritable proof that Resy’s Notify feature works …

Is when a friend and I scored a Resy for Arthur & Sons NY Italian. We enjoyed the chicken parm and spicy rigatoni, both of which had a ton of flavor, and that chicken parm was so tender. It was incredible.

Santana Williams, Marketing Intern


The garlic sauce is to die for …

At Nabila’s. It’s served with the chicken hashwi and I wish I could put it on everything. The décor inside is also so warm and welcoming, and it feels like such a cozy neighborhood spot. We loved how the menu is broken up into sections like dips, small bites, mezze, and entrees, so you can pick and choose a few bites from each section, depending on how hungry you are. We shared some small bites (beef kibbeh, sfeeha, and sambousik) and the rice hashwi with chicken, as well as the spinach and lamb stew. My advice? Order a bunch of the small bites to sample; it’s a great snack to start the meal.

Juliana Dutan, Program Manager

It’s in a new space …

But the new location of Scarr’s Pizza still has those retro vibes but you no longer have to fight over a table in the back now that they take reservations. It’s still the same quality delicious pizza that leaves you wanting to come back for more. We shared a Hotboi with beef pepperoni, Mike’s Hot Honey, and jalapeños, and a classic grandma-style cheese pizza. For summer, I’d definitely cool down with one of their Spicy Mike cocktails with sotol.

Lala Laban, Senior Manager, Revenue Enablement


I’ve been going here since they opened …

And I feel like it’s just getting better every time I go back. Cozy Royale was always good, but the inside is so cozy, and the happy hour is super tight. On recent visits, I’ve ordered the fried pickles which, I have to note, are not round slices, which made the breading even more enjoyable and crunchier. The shrimp cocktail is one of the best I’ve ever had. And the smash burgers are great. Happy hour has $10 burgers and martinis. Also, the teriyaki steak tips are so good and like honestly come out to about six to eight ounces of steak; you don’t need to actually order a whole steak.

Pete Schaaf, Business Analysis Manager


Spent a date night …

At Faubourg in Montclair, N.J., and was reminded why it is one of the best restaurants in New Jersey right now, and in such a beautiful space. We had oysters, shrimp cocktail, and a perfect tarte flambe to start, with a variety of interesting old and new world wines by the glass. It is so hard to narrow down an order there because they have such a large menu and each dish sounds better than the last. The lemon sole with summer truffle, kale, corn, and hen of the woods was incredible though, and we finished with the most summery of cheesecakes: a blueberry version with a brown sugar crumble.

Aaron Ginsberg, Vice President of Partnerships


Get the lunchtime sandwich special …

At Torrisi Bar & Restaurant. When we went, it was a corned beef short rib sandwich topped with Sichuan chile crisp, coriander, and pickles. I’d also recommend getting the tortellini pomodoro and the Negroni is a must, too. It’s such a beautiful restaurant, and it’s an awesome place to go on a first date or to meet up with a friend. Pro tip: We dined at a table, but the bar has the full menu and is plenty spacious, too.

Lane Allen, Product Marketing


It was my very first time …

At Via Carota, and my husband and I snagged a prime-time 7:30 reservation because it happened to be the 4th of July weekend. Because it was my very first time, everything was so exciting and delicious. The two main highlights were the insalata e acciughe (that’s shaved egg, not cheese!) and the tonnarelli cacio e pepe. I’ve never devoured a salad quite like this one; there was literally not a single little gem left on the plate, despite the fact that we ordered two apps, three pastas, a whole branzino, and a side. The cacio e pepe was definitely one of the best I’ve had; the sauce was creamy and velvety and stayed that way throughout the dinner. Whatever you do, do not sleep on the salads!

Stephanie Cohen, Head of Strategic Sales


Everyone raves about the cold noodles …

From Moono, and rightly so — the broth is pitch perfect, cooling and deeply satisfying all at once — but my favorite sleeper hit of a recent meal at Hoyoung Kim’s (JUA) newest restaurant was the soondae ssam. The housemade blood sausage, wrapped in perilla leaves and topped with as little or as much gojuchang as you please, was the perfect way to start a truly fantastic meal. Also, don’t forgo both desserts: two really unique ice creams you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

And also …

My other favorite meal this month was a big group dinner over at Hug Esan in Elmhurst. They’ve got a fantastic spread of dishes to choose from there, including a perfectly crispy fried fish larb and a must-order dill soup (I’d go with the pork spareribs for that). And be sure to stop by for some sweets from Khao Nom afterward.

Deanna Ting, New York Editor, Resy Editorial


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