The dining room at Izakaya Rintaro.
The dining room at Izakaya Rintaro. Photo by Aya Brackett, courtesy of Izakaya Rintaro

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Rintaro Returns In All Its Glory After Devastating Flood


“I’m grateful, and we’re excited,” says Sylvan Mishima Brackett of the community support for his beloved Mission District, Izakaya Rintaro, several hours before its reopening.

It’s been 45 days since flood waters poured into the singular space, significantly damaging one of the most beautiful restaurants in all of San Francisco. But now, at long last, all the necessary repairs and inspections have been completed, and the doors are ready to reopen.

Rintaro’s legions of regulars will be pleased to see that both the interior and the menu are back in their glory. The team made some small improvements to the space during the hiatus, mostly connected to operations.

The menu brings back plenty of the Rintaro classics that you know and love, plus new offerings. As Brackett points out, since the seasons have changed since December, there’s a whole new bag of ingredients to play with, which means new dishes like crab udon, and simmered beeef tendon with satoimo.

Reservations are now live, and are released on a daily basis, one month out.

Additionally, Omakase Rintaro — the Monday “restaurant within the restaurant” that offers a ticketed, intimate counter seating with an ambitious, seasonal omakase menu — will return to its weekly schedule, recommencing on February 27.


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