The full bounty of Lulu, at L.A.’s Hammer Museum, is on display at lunch. Photo courtesy of Lulu

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Ten Great Spots From Coast to Coast to Make Your Power Lunch A Bit Greener


“Farm-to-table” used to be a sign of innovation. Now, the term’s become almost ubiquitous when describing restaurants, especially those that fall into the upper echelons of dining — although even fast food and fast-casual spots are getting in on the game. To prove their eco cred, chefs and owners now are looking beyond farm-to-table to tackle other sustainability issues: how they dispose of (or repurpose) food waste and cooking oil; where their electricity comes from; the impact they’re making with their seafood choices; and how they’re sourcing tableware, décor, and other design elements.

Restaurateurs are hoping these decisions pay off, both for their bottom lines and for the earth’s. Many realize that doing business doesn’t have to conflict with doing good. You can support them when you head out for your next business lunch, whether you’re in the mood for something celebrity-helmed (ABC Kitchen by Jean-Georges, Frontera Grill), seafood-focused (The Salt Line Oyster + Ale, Seamore’s), or offering a killer view (Greens Restaurant). Here are some top picks for places in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. that serve a midday meal with an eye toward sustainability.