Smoked wild sturgeon at The Deer and The Dove. Photo caption: Andrew Thomas Lee

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The April Hit List: The Deer & The Dove, Kitty Dare, Revival, and More


April in Atlanta is a stunningly beautiful time, and with the onset of sunnier days and warming temperatures, restaurants new and old are waiting for you to stop back in after all these months.

Where will you begin? Are you a burger person who loved One Eared Stag’s storied stack, but would be willing to try a new tenant that’s Mediterranean in theme but wise enough to put a delicious burger on the menu? Were you planning to find out if Kevin Gillespie is a shoo-in for another James Beard award at his Southern restaurant in Decatur? Or have you been putting off a visit to the Roswell brewpub started by a Kevin Gillespie mentee so long that you forgot to find out how good brewery food can be? Sounds like you’re overdue for trips to Kitty Dare, Revival, From the Earth Brewing, and other great Atlanta restaurants and bars.

That’s why we’re back again with April’s version of The Hit List, and we’re glad you’re back too. Dig in!