Photo courtesy Bay Nine Omakase, credit: Steven Woodburn

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The February Hit List: Jane, Bay Nine Omakase, Bones Ramen, and More


Yes, 2022 gave us a shaky start, but that hasn’t stopped new venues from emerging. There’s a new omakase joint in a 19th-century sandstone setting by The Rocks; a French chef turning traditionally buttery pastries and meaty condiments into vegan wonders at his plant-based deli; and Tristan Rosier and Mike Mu Sung (former co-conspirators at Farmhouse) have launched two very different eateries: Rosier’s new restaurant honours his grandparents, while Mu Sung’s new noodle bar reworks what ramen can be. Whether you’re more comfortable with ordering in and eating on your couch or dining outdoors during summer’s final stretch, there are plenty of restaurants to consider for your February Hit List.