Photo courtesy of Abacá
Photo courtesy of Abacá

Best of The Hit ListSan Francisco

Ernest, Marlena, Abacá, and More: S.F. Dining’s Best in 2021


We’re finally approaching the end of 2021. It’s been one hell of a year everyone, especially for those in the restaurant industry. But through resiliency, determination, and the prospect of a good meal, we’ve managed to make it, for it’s food where many of us seek solace and peace of mind.

We ate intricate and artfully plated tasting menus outdoors in parklets next to the park at Marlena.  We craved comfort, which came in the form of creamy uni bacon lo mein carbonara at Brandon Rice’s Ernest. We sought escapism, even if that meant a short trip to Sonoma’s wine country for Valley. We drank to celebrate, we drank to forget, and we drank to make memories at the vibey Sobre Mesa in Oakland.

Through the art of good food, we found hope. And we have restaurants, and everyone involved in them — from dishwashers to linecooks to chefs — to thank. So this is our Best of The Hit List for 2021. Let’s celebrate all their great work.