Photo courtesy of Dhamaka
Photo courtesy of Dhamaka

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Dhamaka, Gage & Tollner, Porcelain, and More: New York Dining’s Best in 2021

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This past year was one of recovery for New York’s restaurant industry. Restaurants across the city were rebirthed and revamped. And despite the pandemic continuing, a handful of new openings graced our sidewalks, defined by a fresh dynamism and drive. Many of these places, like Dhamaka and Dame, were runaway hits. Here, we highlight our absolute favorites as we close out the year.

While they vary in styles and cuisines, all of these restaurants shared one thing: They delivered memorable experiences that would be hard to replicate anywhere else. You won’t forget the feeling you have when the server at Dhamaka breaks open the top of the goat-neck dum biryani. Or what it feels like to be sitting at the bar at Gage & Tollner, surrounded by all that history. Or taking your first bite of a Yellow Rose bean-and-cheese taco, or your first tase of Aldama’s luxurious mole. So with that, please welcome our Best of The Hit List for 2021.