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Spencer Bezaire of Eszett on His Favorite Brewery, Burger, and Baguette


To-Go Takes is Resy’s regular feature wherein we quiz the folks behind some of our favorite restaurants about all things related to takeout.

In this edition, we speak to Spencer Bezaire, executive chef and partner of Eszett in Silver Lake. Bezaire, who operates the restaurant with his wife Sabrina, has a long history with the Northeast L.A. restaurant scene, including a long stint at L&E Oyster Bar nearby.

The couple has been running a tight ship in a small strip-mall space, which got even smaller when the pandemic hit; it’s basically been a two-person show since last year. But even with various reopenings and closings — the restaurant currently has indoor dining and limited first-come, first-serve outdoor seating — the chef continued to create take-home products, like his line of Sbez Hot Sauces (the Karen Melter is tremendous), which can go on anything both from his own restaurant or any of his favorite spots.

Below, Bezaire shares some of his takeout tips, tricks, cocktails, and regular stops.


Restaurant: Eszett Name + Title: Spencer Bezaire, Chef & Co-Owner

Resy: What’s your favorite dish on the Eszett takeout menu?  Bezaire: I’m really into the Filet-Uh-Fish sandwich right now, a crispy ahi tuna sandwich with tartar sauce and pickles on a soft potato bun. Where have you been getting takeout from? What's your go-to order? I like Sōgo Roll Bar. I get the four cut roll set and add albacore kari kari. It’s quick, doesn’t weigh me down, a good lunch for a busy day for sure. At Wax Paper, the Chinatown location, I get the Ophira Eisenberg. Great sweetness to spicy ratio. I could eat it every damn day. And it’s on a Bub and Grandma’s baguette no less, maybe my favorite piece of bread in the city. From Goldburger, the California classic. Maybe my favorite burger in the city right now, and there are a lot of burgers popping up. It’s simple, it’s crispy on the edges, it’s nostalgia between buns. And from Woon Kitchen, the beef noodles. So excellently chewy and perfect. We’ve been picking it up after our shift, and it always does the job. 
The Filet-Uh-Fish at Eszett.
Bezaire’s favorite dish on the menu, the Filet-Uh-Fish. Photo courtesy of Eszett
The Filet-Uh-Fish at Eszett.
Bezaire’s favorite dish on the menu, the Filet-Uh-Fish. Photo courtesy of Eszett

What’s a tip someone can do to amp up your takeout? 

Another side hustle I have been doing long before the pandemic, but really amped up after shutdown, is our hot sauces. Under the name Sbez Hot Sauce. We have a whole line now and you can add samples to any order, or buy a whole pouch (they come in 10-ounce pouches). 

What’s your favorite place for to-go cocktails and why?

Well, not cocktails but beer. The Hermosillo has had an awesome to-go beer can list. Heavy on the Highland Park Brewery, my favorite brewery, period. The also carry awesome crisp lagers from Heater Allen. Also, I enjoy a good mezcal and soda from El Condor.  

What single restaurant dish would you walk miles for?

I would walk miles for a chicken hoagie from Lee’s Hoagie House in Pasadena.

What was your first meal out when restaurants reopened?

We went to Bar Restaurant just up Sunset. They really delivered the full pre-pandemic restaurant experience in their parking lot.  

What do you miss most about restaurants being open?

Everything. Absolutely every little thing. I miss social interaction, plating food on plates, getting live feedback from customers, creating and curating an experience from food to music to service. Also, I miss dive bars. Like, so much.

Eszett is open for limited outdoor seating (walk-ins only for the time being) and indoor dining Wednesday through Sunday. Get info about takeout and delivery here.