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Chef Soogil Lim of Soogil Will Walk Miles for His Son’s Favorite Steakhouse


To-Go Takes is Resy’s regular feature wherein we quiz the folks behind some of our favorite restaurants about all things related to takeout. 

In this edition, we speak to Soogil Lim, the chef and owner at his namesake restaurant, Soogil, a modern Korean stunner with French accents. Lim is currently offering a five-course chef’s tasting available for indoor and outdoor dining, as well as pickup and delivery. Below, he shares some of his favorite regular spots.

Restaurant: Soogil
Name + Title: Soogil Lim, Chef & Owner

Resy: What’s your favorite dish from Soogil’s takeout menu?

Lim: My favorite dish in our takeout menu is our signature nurungji gras, with chile-sautéed foie gras, crispy rice, and sweet soy sauce. The harmony of the foie gras and rice and sweet soy sauce is really, really good. Also, the black truffle chocolate panna cotta is a great combination.

What are some of your favorite spots for takeout?

Me and my son’s favorite spot is Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao in Flushing. I usually order the soup dumplings and a special beef salad called Husband and Wife. They also have frozen soup dumplings to cook at home. Also, Noreetuh in the East Village. The musubi is really good. And a Korean restaurant, Danji in Hell’s Kitchen. They have a bulgogi slider and a braised black cod called eudaegu jjiorim — it’s always right, a must-try.

Lim’s favorite dish from the tasting menu: The nurungji gras. Photo by Lily Brown, courtesy of MST Creative PR

What single restaurant would you walk miles for?

My son’s favorite steakhouse, Wolfgang’s in Midtown East. If he did a great job at school and we have a special day, I always ask him “Where do you want to go?” He always wants to go to a steakhouse. We normally order a salad with bacon, dry-aged porterhouse, creamy spinach, mashed potatoes. It’s traditional, but it’s always great.

What was your first meal back once restaurants reopened?

I like to go to Koreatown, to eat Korean barbecue with soju. I miss cooking the meat on the table.

What do you miss most about restaurants?

A crowded restaurant with customers and the staff. I really miss them.

A glimpse at Soogil’s five-course tasting menu, with the optional uni course. Photo by Lily Brown, courtesy of MST Creative PR

Soogil is open for indoor and outdoor dining for dinner Thursday through Saturday. Call 646-838-5524 for pickup and order here for delivery.