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During Winter, Maketto’s Erik Bruner-Yang Turns to Soondubu and Cassoulet


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To-Go Takes is Resy’s regular feature wherein we quiz the folks behind some of our favorite restaurants about all things related to takeout. 

In this edition, we speak to Erik Bruner-Yang, the founder of Foreign National, which includes some of DC’s finest restaurants: Maketto (open for outdoor dining, pickup, and delivery) and ABC Pony (open for pickup and delivery). Below, he shares some of his favorite takeout tips, tricks, cocktails, and regular stops.  


Restaurants: Maketto + ABC Pony
Name + Title: Erik Bruner-Yang, Founder of Foreign National

Resy: If someone wanted to order a takeout feast from Maketto, what would be the move?
Bruner-Yang: Duck noodle soup with confit duck leg, crystal shrimp dumplings, “strange flavor” eggplant, spicy pork sausage laab with bone marrow, wok-fried yu choy, and egg custard tarts.

Where are you getting takeout from and what are you ordering?
Appetizer: Smoked jerk wings from Cane.
Salad: Burrata e amici from Piccolina.
Entrée: Soondubu (spicy soft tofu stew) from Manna Dosirak.
Dessert: Churros from Fight Club.


The duck noodle soup at Maketto.
No Maketto takeout order is complete without the duck noodle soup, which comes with a duck confit leg, wonton noodles, local greens, and mushrooms. Photo courtesy of Maketto


Now that temperatures have dropped, what cold-weather food are you looking forward to ordering the most?
During the winter I love soondubu, cassoulet, and coffee with pastries. I got my local Korean spot (Manna Dosirak), so soondubu is covered. I need to go on the hunt for cassoulet. Im keeping an eye out for my three favorite chefs that cook French food: Cedric Maupillier (Convivial), Harper McClure (Mintwood Place), and Brendan L’Etoile (Chez Billy Sud). I’ll order cassoulet anytime they got it going as a special. We also recently made a trip to La Coop and had a great time — definitely recommend the breakfast burritos and pastries!

What’s your favorite place for cocktails to go?
Unfortunately, I am not a drinker! However, I do like to order stuff from Serenata for my mom, who loves cocktails to go.

What single restaurant dish would you walk miles for?
My favorite dish in the United States is the green curry escargots at the now closed Uncle Boons in New York City.

What was your first meal back once restaurants reopened?
The only restaurant that I have gone back to, to fully have a dine-in experience, is ABC Pony. I didn’t really get to enjoy the dine-in experience much before the pandemic, because right before the restaurant opened to the public, we welcomed our third kid, Ang, into the world. The week before the pandemic really hit the United States was when I finished up my paternity leave. It was quite a whirlwind.

What do you miss most about restaurant?
With three kids under six, I miss date night! (laughs) That feeling where you finally get to the restaurant, sit down, and take off your jacket, knowing it’s time to relax and enjoy a meal with your loved one. Once we get to the point where we can do that, I would love to do the tasting menu again at Sushi Taro. It’s my favorite special occasion restaurant in DC.

Maketto is open for outdoor dining seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Order Maketto pickup and delivery here.

ABC Pony is open for limited pickup and delivery Thursday through Saturday. Stay tuned on burgers, Nashville hot wings, lumpia, and more specials over here.