Photo courtesy of Mile End Delicatessen

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The Resy Guide to Jewish Food in New York


As one of the most vibrant Jewish American enclaves in the country, New York City has also become home to a host of Jewish American, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern cuisines — a reflection of the global Jewish diaspora. This began with the arrival of Jewish emigres in the 19th century, and it continues today with loving dedications to classic dishes and exciting modern twists on traditions. Jewish cuisine is an essential layer of New York’s culinary multitudes, and a unique and foundational part of New York’s dining scene.

Here, we’ve collected some of the most legendary New York City spots for Jewish cooking across the cultural spectrum, whether it’s knishes or hummus, pastrami or falafel. It’s time for a taste of the Old World, along with the inventive creativity of more new-school establishments, too.