Mi Tocaya Antojería chef-owner Diana Dávila.


Diana Dávila of Mi Tocaya Antojería on the Joys of Dining With Kids


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Today, we’re chatting with Diana Dávila of Chicago’s beloved Mi Tocaya Antojería.

Resy: What are some things that make a restaurant experience with kids more enjoyable? 

Diana Dávila: I think that, to me, there are a couple of things that come from my role as a restaurant owner. First, it’s teaching your staff family appreciation and not making it uncomfortable for families who are dining in with their kids. I instill in my team that we should be happy that they are coming to our restaurant to spend their time here. Other smaller things like kid-friendly amenities such as crayons, paper, etc., and also helping families adapt to their kid’s eating preferences and sharing more options that we can provide on the menu.  

What’s a dish or experience that your kids loved that either surprised you or made you super happy? 

It was a fun experience to see my kids try lobster for the first time at GT Fish & Oyster and having chef Giuseppe bring them to the walk-in to show them what they were actually eating. They were so excited and the joy on their faces made it such a fun experience.  

What are some of the foods that you’re excited to see your kids try? 

They eat everything, so that’s been exciting to watch them try anything and everything — crab, sea urchin, bone marrow,  everything! I’m always excited to share photos with them of what they are eating, so they know where their food is coming from — it makes our dining experiences fun and interactive.  

What’s your favorite part about dining out with kids? 

It’s a good way to especially showcase table manners, how to interact with restaurant servers, and teaching etiquette for dining out. Instead of just looking at an electronic device. 

What’s your best piece of advice to parents dining out with kids? 

To have fun with it — it doesn’t have to be a stressful situation. Make a positive experience out of it and make it a cool opportunity to bond with family and enjoy time together.