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The New York Restaurants We Loved in May


We don’t know about you, but springtime in New York has only strengthened the Resy staff’s commitment to dining out and enjoying the temperate climes and the freshest of greenmarket hauls. Here’s a glimpse into the places we loved dining at this past month.

Resy Staffer Spotlight: Ria Mar-Fan

Photo courtesy Ria Mar-Fan

When Resy product services manager Ria Mar-Fan wants to dine out, she likes to stay close to home in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. She loves neighborhood hangs that make her feel right at home — places where she can easily pull up as a solo diner or with a group of friends. Before working for Resy, she worked in a number of restaurants in the city, including Popina, where she was part of the opening team. “I still go there all the time,” she says, “especially in the summer so I can sit in the backyard.” In addition to Popina, her personal Resy Hit List is a mix of spots that offer comfort in the form of good food and low-key vibes — essentially everywhere she calls herself a regular.

The Weekend Spot: Ursula
“They used to be in Crown Heights but since they moved recently, they’re just a 10-minute walk from home so I’m going even more than I did before. I love the burritos on a weekend morning — I just pick them up and take them to go because they’re always slammed on the weekends.”

The MVP: Eyval
“It’s my No. 1 restaurant right now. Whenever people ask me for a recommendation or if friends or visiting, I like to take them there. I want to eat that food all the time; I’m drawn to the spices of Persian cuisine, and what I love about Eyval is how all the dishes complement each other so well. Whatever you order, it’ll be perfect. I love the ribs and the scallops, and the spring borani dip with fava beans — it’s just so pure, creamy, and light.”

Solo Dolo: Macosa Trattoria
“The pappardelle with oxtail ragù is one of my favorites here. They do fresh pasta here, and I always just love how on point the food is here. It’s this very cute neighborhood spot where I can just roll up, usually alone, and sit at the bar with a book, some pasta, and some salad. The backyard here is also nice. I love that it’s no-fuss and I can roll up and get a good meal.”

Old Faithful: The Fly
“I love a fine dining moment, but with the places I go to regularly, I’m not fussy, and The Fly just embodies that: It’s just chicken, brussels sprouts, and potatoes. I love to go here when I want something that’s kind of healthy feeling — chicken and vegetables are good for you, right? — and they’ve got a beautiful bar and this small but good cocktail menu with classics like Negronis. The Fly was a huge staple for me during the pandemic and I still love to go regularly.”

For a Twist: Trad Room
“This is another great neighborhood spot where they do really delicious sushi that’s not super traditional, but it’s still just so good. You can usually just walk in, and they also have great drinks.”

The Brunch Spot: Saraghina Caffè
“I’m not really a brunch girl, but the ricotta pancakes at Saraghina Caffè are delicious, and the slab bacon is also just perfect. It’s just a beautiful, gorgeous place right by Fort Greene Park.”

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I definitely recommend going here on a date …

Tuome is cozy, romantic, and the lighting is flattering AF. I’ve had it on my list from Lala [Liban], the only influencer worth following. I went on a rainy Saturday night, and it was perfect. Even though I had been influenced, I didn’t look at the menu. I knew to get the snow crab pasta — which I’m still dreaming about — and I fell in love with the deviled eggs and fried rice.

Tess Gostfrand, Senior Manager, B2B Product Marketing


All hits, no misses every time …

That’s how consistent Barbuto is. While we had several classics on the table during our sunny Sunday lunch there, I’m always excited by their seasonal specials. We had radishes and butter, lemony fried soft-shell crab, and a perfectly tender duck breast with peas and spring onion. Paired with some cold drinks and warm service, we couldn’t have been happier with this meal. Pro tip: Do not skip the bread service to start (they have the best focaccia), or dessert to end (budino, crostata, torta pistachio).

Isabelle Andrews, Product


The dishes here are small …

So you get to try a lot, especially if you’re with a group — they recommend ordering three dishes per person. And, well, everything we had at Mokyo was amazing, but the corn dumplings with truffle salsa verde, fennel, and parm were my favorite, and so was the lychee mango adult-capri drink. Still, there are a few things on the menu I need to go back to try. My advice for anyone who’s looking to go? Set a Notify.

Sami Lieberman, Senior Software Engineer


Talk about a fun, inviting, and warm space!

I went to C as in Charlie with a few folks from Resy ,and they treated us like family, letting us try some of their newest spirits they flew in from Korea as well as some off-menu items. Everything about the place felt like a watering hole, best enjoyed with friends over delicious drinks and food. The Seoulsbury Steak was a play on one of my childhood favorites — the classic TV dinners — and it brought me back. Incredible vibes and even better people!

Charles Zhao, Director of Restaurant Product


As much as I love dining out with friends …

I’m still a big proponent of solo dining (have you seen our latest guide?), and two recent meals reminded me why. The first was a Friday night walk-in for the bar at Raf’s. Even though it was still early in the night, the restaurant was buzzing, and I was very content with my order of leeks vinaigrette and pillowy sfincione with anchovies, tomatoes, and breadcrumbs — a perfect start to the weekend. My other favorite solo meal of the month? Sitting down to have one of my favorite noodle soups in town, the gyu thug from Khampa Kitchen in Jackson Heights: that herbal, spice-laden broth is the cure for anything that ails you.

Deanna Ting, New York Editor, Resy Editorial


The shakshuka may have been one of the best I’ve had in New York …

The eggs were perfectly runny, and I will forever be thinking about the Jerusalem bagel that I shared with one of my best friends since childhood over brunch at K’Far in Williamsburg. Over the last 13 years, we’ve tried countless breakfast and brunch spots together, and this definitely landed close to the top of the list. It’s a gorgeous, light, airy, and beautiful space to catch up with a friend, and the staff was super helpful and kind. Everyone will tell you to get the pistachio sticky bun — and you should! — but I’m still thinking about the potato boreka. Definitely don’t skip that.

Liora Fishman, Senior Email Manager


I love the neighborhood warmth and enthusiasm …

For the whole dining experience that comes from having three women partners at Margot in Fort Greene. I also love the beautiful green marble bar — I highly recommend trying to put your name down for the bar and grabbing a drink nearby on Dekalb Avenue since they’re so new. My favorite dishes: The oysters in chile oil; the potato, asparagus, and caviar; the green cavatelli; and the fennel salad.

Annie Lindahl, Product Manager


This is a two-item-menu kind of place …

Perfect for an indecisive diner like myself, who normally ends up ordering an entire menu’s worth of food. The pork gomtang from OKDONGSIK is a highlight, served with rice inside the soup and a side of kimchi and gochuji (house special pepper paste) that you can add to your liking. I definitely recommend getting the mandoo, made with kimchi, tofu, and pork dumplings. Lunch was quick but I highly suggest going early; we arrived a half hour after opening and the small counter was already packed. Get a Resy if you can (maximum is for a party of two) and if not, Notify is you best friend.

Emma Cadd, Senior Restaurant Success Manager


Family-style dining is the way to go …

At Silver Apricot. I’ve been here a few times and ordered a la carte, but this past month I went with a group of six friends and we did the family-style menu, which features all of their greatest hits for $88 per person. The scallion puffs are not to be missed, and the sausage and garlic crispy bits fried rice is unreal. The wine pairings are truly amazing, and it’s a really fun take on Chinese American tapas. My advice as an add-on to the family meal? Get the cashew graffiti eggplant.

Alison Pantano, Experiential Marketing


I’m always impressed …

When the salad is my favorite part of the meal, and I’d go back to Justine’s on Hudson for their version alone. It has leafy greens, fresh herbs, chopped-up dates, pistachios, and a tangy lemon vinaigrette. Paired with a glass of white wine, it was the perfect predecessor to their roast chicken. We sat at the counter and shared that garden salad, along with the roast chicken and marinated octopus and it was so lovely.

Alex Johnson, Senior Marketing Manager


Our hearts and stomachs were full …

After a family-style meal at al Badawi. The Resy product and design teams enjoyed a dinner here where we shared so many dishes, like the mezze filistini, maklouba, fattat iahma, and mashawy, to name a few. This restaurant has large tables and is BYOB, so the atmosphere made for a great night. I’d definitely recommend coming here with a group, particularly a hungry one!

Brittany Levy, Product Manager


It’s a hot take but …

I think the dinner at Agi’s Counter is better than their famed brunch: Less wait, more savory (and creative!) dishes, and I don’t feel as guilty drinking multiple glasses of delicious orange wine at night versus at 10 in the morning. The dip and chips with a beet, caramelized onions, egg jam, and smoked trout roe had all the combinations of sweet, savory, smoky, and delicious. The massive shrimps were bathed in a savory buttery sauce on a bed of beans that paired so well with the different wines.

Charles Zhao, Director of Restaurant Product


The best parts of a meal here are …

The stories behind all the dishes. At Kru, they recreate 100-year-old recipes from Thailand that are rarely served in the U.S. and are distinct to the North Central province. You should definitely ask to learn more about them when you dine there. And if you love spice, you’ve got to try their take on steak tartare with Sichuan peppercorns; also, the hand-rolled egg yolk pearls on the lobster curry are adorable and delicious.

Max Berney, Lead User Researcher


Deanna Ting is Resy’s New York Editor. Some of her other favorite recent meals took place at 53Dhamaka, Falansai, Red Hook Tavern, and Llama San. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Follow Resy, too.