Silken steamed egg with uni and roe at Monarch. Photo courtesy of Monarch

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The March Hit List: Bar Chelou, Villas Tacos, and More


Spring will be in the air by the end of this month. The sun will stay out later, English peas and asparagus will show up at the farmers markets, and a whisper of summer will start to circulate. Until then, let an array of new restaurants provide a fresh start, like Poltergeist at Button Mash from the roving chef Diego Argoti, a stylish new Chinese restaurant from the Chifa team in the San Gabriel Valley, and a long-awaited sit-down spot in Frogtown from the Wax Paper duo. Meanwhile, Villas Tacos has a new brick-and-mortar, De La Nonna now serves lunch, and more. Welcome to March, your Resy Hit List is here.