When it comes to oysters in Atlanta, Kimball House very much changed the game. Photo credit: Courtesy of Kimball House


The Essential Atlanta Restaurants For Oyster Lovers

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Not long ago Atlanta was, surprisingly, not an oyster town.

Sure, we had oyster spots that were beloved for their low-cost (especially at happy hour), but … quality? We were too far from the ocean, and Atlantans didn’t do much slurping outside of places like Fontaine’s in Virginia Highland. That was seemingly good enough, but then things started to change for the better.

When Kimball House entered the scene in September 2013, the oyster game in Atlanta evolved considerably. Suddenly, you could get delicious oysters from places around the world, and half-dozens of chilled oysters became a trendy and standard appetizer on most restaurant menus. It wasn’t always like that.

Now, look at us: We have boatloads of options. And here below we’ve created a list of where they can be found, whether you want them cold, grilled, broiled with cheese and spinach, or fried.