A spread of Detroit-style pies from Emmy Squared
Detroit-style pies are the specialty at Emmy Squared. Photo courtesy of Emmy Squared.

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The Ultimate Guide to New York’s Sit-Down Pizzerias, By Those Who Love Them Best


Welcome back to All Things Pizza Week at Resy. We’re sharing our picks for the best slice joints, sit-down spots, neighborhood staples, delivery go-tos, and late-night gems — all recommended by a panel of esteemed New York City pizza enthusiasts. Herewith, our favorite spots for sitting down and savoring a perfect pie. Tomorrow: Neighborhood pizzerias that can’t be beat.

In New York, of course there’s the grab-and-go mentality of the fold-and-hold walking pizza meal, but there’s also another side of enjoying the slice — as part of the pie. It’s an event, not only an occurrence. Pizza can be a planned pause in front of a wood fire or coal oven, with pét-nat or Barolo in hand. It can be a candlelit dinner that’s as dreamy as any Michelin-starred experience.

What’s your favorite sit-down pizza spot?

Jeremy Jacobowitz

Accompanied by nearly 1 million Instagram followers, Jeremy Jacobowitz (née Brunch Boys) goes on food adventures around the globe in search of hidden culinary gems.

“That’s a mood question. Rubirosa, or even Emmy Squared if I want more of a restaurant vibe, plus, every pizza is so different. Do you want a beautiful thin crust (Rubirosa) or a deep, heavy pile on (Emmy Squared)?

“I like Emmett’s on Grove for [Chicago-style] tavern pies. I never had that style of super thin, really crispy pizza before. Paprika ranch on top! Cut into little, tiny bites, you’re still eating an entire pie, but the sharing experience is really cool.”

A spread of dishes from Emmett's on Grove
Go for the Hot Papi if you head to Emmett’s on Grove. Photo by Liz Clayman, courtesy of Emmett’s on Grove
A spread of dishes from Emmett's on Grove
Go for the Hot Papi if you head to Emmett’s on Grove. Photo by Liz Clayman, courtesy of Emmett’s on Grove

Tamron Hall and Steve Greener

Tamron Hall is a two-time Emmy Award winning talk show host for her work as executive producer, host, and creator of the Tamron Hall Show. She is also a critically acclaimed author and philanthropist but didn’t know a New York slice until she met her husband, Steve.

“Our son loves Lucali, and it’s also our favorite place. Steve and I have been together for about five years, and our relationship was sealed over pizza debates and discussions,” says Hall. “Emily in Clinton Hill, before they expanded, was another favorite.”

Patsy’s too, in Harlem, the original,” adds Greener.

“I feel like you get the whole flavor from a pie,” says Hall. “Yes, the slice is from the pie, but there’s something about seeing the whole presentation. A pie is a body of work when it’s all together. You’re dividing the marriage; I don’t want to divorce the slice from the pie.”

Pierre Serrao

Bronx-based culinary mind Pierre Serrao, along with Jon Gray and Lester Walker, is working to preserve the cooking traditions of the BIPOC community with Ghetto Gastro, a food culture collective that they founded together. Ghetto Gastro’s first book, Ghetto Gastro Presents: Black Power Kitchen, comes out this fall.

Uncle Tony’s up in Harlem: I get the Bosco with ricotta, mushroom, and truffles.”

The exterior of Arturo's
Arturo’s is a classic. Photo by Emily Wilson
The exterior of Arturo's
Arturo’s is a classic. Photo by Emily Wilson

Miriam Weiskind

A former creative director and Scott’s Pizza Tours guide, Miriam Weiskind started making and selling pizzas out of her one-bedroom apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn in 2020. Thus began what she calls “The Za Report.” She’s now working on opening her own brick-and-mortar pizzeria in New York.

“My two go-to spots are Arturo’s, and I also love Song’E Napule, which is two blocks down from Arturo’s — it’s tiny, but mighty. The general manager, Gigi, is a huge part of the magic in that pizzeria. It tastes and feels like Napoli.

“I do enjoy Giuseppina’s, which is run by Chris Iacono, the brother of Mark Iacono, who owns Lucali, and I will also run out to Lucia on Avenue X in Sheepshead Bay.

“In Queens, New Park has only one of three ovens in the U.S. that goes from coal to natural gas ovens. They’ve got a New York-style chew with a coal-fire crunch.

Wheated in Ditmas Park — David Sheridan is probably one of the most prolific pizza and bread bakers in the New York game right now. He had to pivot and do more takeaway and delivery though.

“I like Emmett’s on Grove for the consistency, thickness, and how he cuts it — it goes back to my roots. I haven’t been to Ace’s yet, but my default for Detroit-style pizza is Emmy Squared for their burrata.”

Jenny Mollen

Jenny Mollen is a New York Times bestselling author and social media personality whose next book, Dictator Lunches, will be out on Sept 13th. She’s also married to that Jason Biggs guy whose second favorite pie is pizza.

John’s of Bleecker Street. L&B Spumoni Gardens in the summer to sit outside for their Sicilian pizza and spumoni. And Una Pizza Napoletana.”

A burrata slice from L'industrie

All Things PizzaNew York

The Ultimate Guide to New York Pizza Slices, By Those Who Love Them Best

Welcome to All Things Pizza Week at Resy. This week, we’re sharing our picks for our favorite slice joints, sit-down…


Pilar Valdes

Born in Manila, in the Philippines, Pilar Valdes’ oldest memories are dotted with square slices from Magoo’s and Shakey’s cracker-thin crusts with cheese, garlic, and anchovies. She’s now the chef-in-residence for The Drew Barrymore Show.

“When my husband and I first started dating 16 or so odd years ago, there was a new pizza place he wanted to take me to in his neighborhood. He knew the way to my heart was through my stomach. We walked into a very unassuming spot; it felt like I had walked into someone’s living room, charming and dimly lit. It only had two things on the menu. Pizza — a list of toppings — and calzones. I think I may have had some of the best pizza in my life.

“Of course, the place turned out to be Lucali. During the early days, it was slightly easier to snag a table. We would also occasionally call in an order for pick up, since we lived in the area, but the pizza was always best when eaten fresh out of the oven, and in that room.”

A pair of diners at John's of Bleecker Street
John’s of Bleecker Street has been in New York since 1929. Photo by Deanna Ting
A pair of diners at John's of Bleecker Street
John’s of Bleecker Street has been in New York since 1929. Photo by Deanna Ting

Serhan Ayhan

Serhan Ayhan is son to Kurdish and Turkish immigrants who opened Boston Pizza (now closed) in Astoria, Queens, in the ’90s, serving New England-style pie. Ayhan is now an Ooni pizza oven ambassador promoting pizza’s past, present, and future @nextlevelpizza.

“I do like John’s of Bleecker Street, but Zero Otto Nove on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is such a surprise. It’s got this small storefront, and you walk in down a long corridor — I think it used to be a parking lot. It’s a replica of Naples! The Cirilo with butternut squash puree, cream of truffle, mushrooms, and fresh mozzarella, is one of the most unforgettable pies I’ve ever had.”

Ace’s in Williamsburg for Detroit style pizza for sit down. It’s a very cool place — it has a playing card theme.”

Arkadiy Ryabin

Artist Arkadiy Ryabin was born in Ukraine and grew up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Ryabin is a pizza lover, pursuing pizza exploration in pockets of the tri-state area.

Da Nonna Rosa in Park Slope has a slice shop in front and a sit-down area in the back. It has a lot of other food, too. They have an L&B-style Sicilian slice as well. I’m a sucker for it.”

Michael Harlan Turkell is a photographer, writer, and cookbook author. He’s also host of the Modernist Pizza Podcast, which explores the art, history, and science of pizza. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter. Follow Resy, too.