A spread of the exceptional cuisine at Aziza. Photo courtesy of Aziza


Where to Find Spectacular Middle Eastern Food in Atlanta


Whether you want fast-casual or fancier dining with white tablecloths, Atlanta and its surrounding suburbs have plenty of variety when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine, which encompasses food from Iran, Israel, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, and beyond.

As Atlanta’s dining scene gets better and better, many of us are looking for even more Middle Eastern restaurants, and thankfully there are many worth celebrating all over town (plus several are slated to open next year, including a new Lebanese restaurant in Buckhead). Persian food dominates, and there’s been a notable increase of casual spots like Yalla, Jerusalem Bakery, and New York transplants Mamoun’s Falafel and Halal Guys. The recent proliferation of upscale Modern Israeli and pan-Middle-Eastern restaurants rounds out Atlanta’s dining scene nicely.

Indeed, there are so many we couldn’t include them all. So in the likelihood that you’re getting hungry at this very moment just thinking about your next round of hummus, meze, or kebabs, we limited this list to sit-down restaurants with table service, and we made sure to feature the great ones. Here’s where you should be dining on Middle Eastern cuisine in ATL.