Galit in Chicago offers a perfect mix of casual dining, fixed-price menus … and pita. Lots of pita. Photo courtesy of Galit

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Our Foolproof Guide to Business Dinners You’ll Actually Enjoy


After a couple of years of remote work, it’s finally time, oh seasoned business traveler: Dust off your precisely packed carry-on, and start putting in that face time.

Of course, as business travel ramps back up, let’s not forget the real opportunity that presents itself: dinner on the corporate card. The chance to build relationships around the table again is more meaningful now than ever.

The trick is finding the right spot to meet the moment.

And that’s where we come in. Trust us, we get it: too often business dinners fall prey to that middle-of-the-road sameness. (We see you, chain steakhouse.) We’re not here for that, not after the past couple of years we’ve all had. It’s time to have actual fun, even if we’re on an expense account. Especially if we’re on an expense account.

So where can you conduct business and have an exceptional meal? We scoured major cities across the country to find 12 spots that suit every situation — and some backup options, too. So whether you’re tasked with hosting a group of prospective clients, celebrating a reunion of friendly faces, or figuring out where to reunite with your team, we’ve put together a list of options that will strike just the right chord. You can thank us later.