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The Resy Guide to The Essential Spots to Dine in Phoenix


In Phoenix, late winter is a different beast than it is elsewhere in the country, if it’s a beast at all, given that there’s no snow, little rain, and an average temperature of 71 degrees. In short, there’s nothing to keep the tourists, who arrive in droves this time of year, from doing whatever they please, which usually involves golfing, hiking, playing tennis, reveling in sunshine, and gloating to friends who are stuck someplace akin to the arctic tundra.

Locals, tourists, indeed, everyone is out and about, basking in balmy days and cool nights that offer up hints of spring and the heady perfume of orange blossoms soon to follow. In our non-athletic downtime, we swirl and sniff wine on the heated porch at Sottise, sip Asian-inspired cocktails and nibble pork dumplings on the sun-dappled patio at Glai Baan or savor the buzz of an invigorated downtown scene at artsy, seafood-centric Pa’La. Here are 10 good reasons — besides the weather — to be in Phoenix right now.