Photo courtesy of Petit Trois Le Valley
Photo courtesy of Petit Trois Le Valley

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The Resy Guide to Power Lunches Around Los Angeles


With the entertainment industry and all the business that feeds it, L.A. will always be the quintessential power-lunch town. Making deals for the next great blockbuster, taking meetings with managers and agents, or just sitting at the right place at the right time to be “discovered” is an art form as old as moviemaking itself. 

And although the pandemic took a bite out the business, quick lunch meetings are back, whether at stalwarts like The Polo Lounge and The Grill, an old firehouse in The Financial District downtown, French spots in the Valley, or fast-casual restaurants fueling the burgeoning tech industry in the beach cities. Looking to get back in the game? Here are 12 spots to seal a deal, be seen, or just indulge in a scene of scenes.