Illustration by Jenny Chang-Rodriguez, courtesy Chefs Stopping AAPI Hate

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A Takeout Dinner Series to Combat Anti-Asian Hate Expands to New York


Chef Kevin Tien

Spurred to action by the steep rise in reported hate incidents against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in the U.S. in the past year, D.C.-based chefs Kevin Tien (Moon Rabbit) and Tim Ma (Lucky Danger, Prather’s on the Alley) founded the Chefs Stopping AAPI Hate dinner series in Washington, D.C. in March, featuring dishes from more than 45 acclaimed chefs and restaurants.

Since then, they’ve raised nearly $40,000 in proceeds benefiting the nonprofit Stop AAPI Hate and other AAPI-led organizations.

Now, chefs Tien and Ma are bringing the popular dinner series to New York City for the entire month of May, in partnership with Resy, with proceeds benefiting AAPI-led organizations Heart of Dinner, Apex for Youth, and RISE.

To do that, they’ve teamed up with 21 of the city’s most acclaimed chefs and restaurants, including Bessou, Di An Di, Fish Cheeks, Gabriel Kreuther, Kimika, Llama San, Nami Nori, Nom Wah, Rule of Thirds, Wayla, and Wayan among many others.

Every Sunday in May — which is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month — and on Sunday, June 6, you can purchase a unique five-course takeout meal for two ($165) that also includes a  bottle of sake valued from $30 to $40. And for each takeout meal sold, $115 will go toward their designated nonprofits.

Chef Tim Ma

The series kicks off Sunday, May 2, with chefs from Chinese Tuxedo and The Tyger combining forces for a special five-course meal representing the breadth and diversity of Asian cuisine; the meal can be picked up from Chinese Tuxedo in Chinatown. The four remaining dinners (May 9, 16, 23, and June 6) will feature five different dishes from five different chefs and restaurants, and the meals can be picked up from Cha-An in the East Village (May 9-23) and from Thaimee LOVE in the West Village (June 6). (See below for the full rundown.)

For many participating chefs, this is a deeply personal cause. “I’m participating to amplify the voices in my community who are combatting a very serious sickness that’s been spreading across the country,” says Samuel Yoo, chef and owner of Golden Diner.

“It’s disappointing we have to educate people on such glaringly obvious truths, and downright agonizing we are made to witness the assault and mistreatment of our elders, parents, siblings, and children. I’m not expecting this series to ‘accomplish’ anything other than sowing some seeds of awareness and empathy. This is clearly a fight that has a long road ahead – there is too much bigotry, miseducation, and a long history of violence toward people of color entrenched in this country to expect any one campaign to undo. But it’s crucial we participate in whatever way we can.”

Sakura Yagi, chief operating officer of T.I.C. Japanese Restaurant Group (Sakagura, Sake Bar Decibel, Cha-An) echoes Yoo’s sentiments. “I’ve always found that taking action and helping others is the best remedy when you’re feeling scared, lost, or hurt like so many of us in the AAPI community are feeling right now. This is all about connecting with others and right now, there’s nothing more needed than for all of us to feel reconnected to others both within our own communities and outside of them. I hope diners know that just by ordering these meals, they’re really helping, too.”  

See below for the full menus (please note menus are subject to change).

Click on each menu to purchase tickets for your meals.

The Menus for the Chefs Stopping AAPI Hate NYC Dinner Series

Photo Courtesy Chinese Tuxedo

May 2: A Special Collaboration Between Chinese Tuxedo and The Tyger 
Appetizer: Chicken and Corn Dumpling with Jicama & Three Cup Sauce
Appetizer: Singaporean Chili Crab Fried Rice
Appetizer: Mixed Herb Salad, Black Vinegar Agar Noodles, Pumpkin Seeds, and Soy Dressing
Entree: Slow Cooked Beef Short Rib in Red Curry
Dessert: Crème Brûlée Chinese Custard Tart

Last day to purchase tickets: April 30
Pick-up Location: Chinese Tuxedo

Photo Courtesy Kimika

May 9
Appetizer: Wildair’s Yuba Salad with Mustard Greens, & Bamboo Shoots
Appetizer: Wayla’s Karipup Gai with Minced Chicken, Onions, Potatoes in Puff Pastry & Karee Curry Sauce
Entree: Lotus + Cleaver’s Red Braised Beef on Stir Fried Pearl Noodles with Pea Shoot Salad
Dessert: Kimika’s Tiramisu Pafei with Espresso Jelly, Ladyfingers, Almond Dofu  & Cocoa Kinako
Dessert: Jeepney’s Suman Malagkit (Filipino sticky rice cake)

Last day to purchase tickets: May 7
Pick-up Location: Cha-An in the East Village (230 East 9th Street)

Bessou owner Maiko Kyogoku // Photo by Winnie Au, Courtesy Bessou

May 16
Appetizer: Bessou’s Spanish Mackerel Hako Sushi (Pressed Box Sushi)
Appetizer: Gabriel Kreuther’s Chilled Soup with Homemade Focaccia
Appetizer: Nami Nori’s Fried Chicken Karaage
Entree: Fish Cheeks’ Coconut Crab Curry
Dessert: Wayan’s Ube Pie

Last day to purchase tickets: May 14
Pick-up Location: Cha-An in the East Village (230 East 9th Street)

Photo Courtesy Nom Wah

May 23
Course 1: Rule of Thirds’ Spring Vegetables with Yuzu Ricotta
Course 2: Mokbar’s Tteokbokki with Brown Butter Rice Cake, Crispy Bacon, White Kimchi, a Poached Egg, Scallions and Nori
Course 3: Nom Wah’s Char Siu and Yukon Gold Potato Dumplings with Chinese Honey Mustard
Course 4: Saigon Social’s Grilled Lemongrass Pork Over Rice with Pickled Vegetables
Course 5: Golden Diner’s Thai Tea Tres Leches Cake

Last day to purchase tickets: May 21
Pick-up Location: Cha-An in the East Village (230 East 9th Street)

Di An Di chef and owner Dennis Ngo // Photo by Deanna Ting for Resy

June 6
Course 1: Tita Baby’s Pancit
Course 2: Di An Di’s Goi Rau Tien Vua (Celtuce Salad with Sesame Cracker) with Celtuce, Carrot, Daikon, Shrimp, Vietnamese Herbs, Fried Shallots, Fried Garlic, Roasted Peanuts, Fish Sauce Dressing served with Sesame Cracker
Course 3: Llama San’s Harusame Noodles with Maitake Mushrooms and Brown Beech Mushrooms
Course 4: Thaimee LOVE’s Khao Mok Ghai Chicken drumsticks & jasmine rice cooked in aromatic spices, served w/ fried shallots & cucumber ajard
Course 5: Cha-An’s Matcha Tiramisu

Last day to purchase tickets: June 4
Pick-up Location: Thaimee LOVE (615 Hudson Street)

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