The gumbo at Harold & Belle's is how you do winter.
The gumbo at Harold & Belle’s is how you do winter.

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11 Dishes Around Los Angeles to Bring Comfort to Your Winter


Almost a year into the pandemic, the idea of comfort food has taken on new meaning. Of course fried chicken, pizza, chili, pho and congee are soul-affirming. But these days, food in the form of comfort can simply be something you don’t cook yourself, which can mean extra dishes you don’t have to wash, or anything a friend drops off in lieu of a much-needed in-person visit.

And while there’s joy in healthy choices for 2021, we also need food that make any day or night warm and cozy, in the traditional sense — even in an L.A. “winter.” So here are 11 (with a few extras) of the best options from restaurants around the city.