Beddia's pizzas are back, and there was much rejoicing.
Beddia’s pizzas are back, and there was much rejoicing.

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The November Hit List: Pizzeria Beddia, Walnut Street Cafe, Hiroki, Alma del Mar, and More


It’s hard to believe, considering the time warp of 2020, that it’s already November. With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, let’s express our gratitude for Philadelphia restaurants’ hard work in creating safe environments — and for serving up not only excellent food, but also providing a short break from the pandemic’s reality. So raise a glass of wine paired perfectly with a spicy pizza at Pizzeria Beddia, sink your teeth into a traditional Mexican mollete at Alma del Mar, and find some classic comfort in a lamb pot pie from Walnut Street Cafe. Cheers to all this month’s Hit List picks.