Jess Shadbolt, Clare de Boer, and Annie Shi, the women behind King. Photo Credit: Sasha Arutyunova

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The Resy Guide to the Women-Owned Restaurants of New York


Owned and operated by three women, with a predominantly female staff, West Village fixture King stands as a shining beacon in a male-dominated industry.

“We’ve been lucky to be received as restaurateurs first,” says partner, sommelier, and general manager Annie Shi, who runs King alongside co-owners and chefs Jess Shadbolt and Clare de Boer. “For the next generation of women in the industry, I want the same opportunity that we were given: To be judged on who we are, rather than as women.”


Throughout the months of March and April, Resy will celebrate women in the restaurant industry through our annual The Women of Food global dinner series, including King’s (sold-out) dinner in honor of Elizabeth David.

We’re also celebrating the many other great women-owned restaurants in New York, because we believe that behind every great restaurant is a woman.

The following trailblazing women-owned restaurants in New York are testament to that mantra.

Uptown and Harlem

Chaiwali — Book Now
Anita Trehan

Emmy Squared Upper East Side — Book Now
Emily Hyland

Marlow Bistro — Book Now
Marjanne Motamedi

Russ & Daughters at the Jewish Museum — Book Now
Niki Russ Federman

Sylvia’s Restaurant — Book Now
Bedelia and Crizette Woods

Vinateria — Book Now
Yvette Leeper-Bueno


Atoboy — Book Now
Ellia Park

Butter Midtown — Book Now
Alex Guarnaschelli

Cookshop — Book Now
Vicki Freeman

Dear Irving Gramercy — Book Now
Meaghan Dorman

Dear Irving on Hudson — Book Now
Meaghan Dorman

Eleni’s NYC Restaurant — Book Now
Eleni Vareli

Il Fiorista — Book Now
Alessandra De Benedetti

Mala Project Bryant Park — Book Now
Amelie Kang

The Village

Air’s Champagne Parlor — Book Now
Ariel Arce

Balaboosta — Book Now
Einat Admony

The Banty Rooster — Book Now
Delores Tronco-DePierro

The Butcher’s Daughter West Village — Book Now
Heather Tierney

da Toscano — Book Now
Caitlin Toscano

Don Angie — Book Now
Angie Rito

Emily WV — Book Now
Emily Hyland

High Street on Hudson — Book Now
Ellen Yin and Melissa Weller

I Sodi — Book Now
Rita Sodi and Jody Williams

King — Book Now
Jess Shadbolt, Clare de Boer, and Annie Shi

Kubeh — Book Now
Melanie Shurka

Nami Nori — Book Now
Lisa Limb

The Riddler — Book Now
Jen Pelka

Tokyo Record Bar — Book Now
Ariel Arce

Villanelle — Book Now
Catherine Manning

East Village and NoHo

August Laura — Book Now
Laura Saniuk-Heinig-Greene and Alyssa Sartor

Bessou — Book Now
Maiko Kyogoku

Emmy Squared East Village — Book Now
Emily Hyland

Hanoi House — Book Now
Sara Leveen

il Buco — Book Now
Donna Lennard

il Buco Alimentari e Vineria — Book Now
Donna Lennard

Khiladi — Book Now
Sruthi Chowdary

Madame Vo — Book Now
Yen Vo

Madame Vo BBQ — Book Now
Yen Vo

Mala Project East Village — Book Now
Amelie Kang

Papilles — Book Now
Elena Oliver

Porsena — Book Now
Sara Jenkins

Root & Bone — Book Now
Janine Booth

Rosie’s — Book Now
Vicki Freeman

Van Da — Book Now
Yen Ngo

Vic’s — Book Now
Vicki Freeman

Nolita and SoHo

The Butcher’s Daughter Nolita — Book Now
Heather Tierney

Casa Bocado — Book Now
Ivy Stark

The Musket Room — Book Now
Barbara Lambert and Jennifer Vitagliano

Niche Niche — Book Now
Ariel Arce

Pietro Nolita — Book Now
Mina Soliman

Shoo Shoo — Book Now
Sharon Hassan

Shuka — Book Now
Vicki Freeman

Special Club — Book Now
Ariel Arce

Wayan — Book Now
Ochi Vongerichten

Lower East Side and FiDi

Cervo’s — Book Now
Leah Campbell

Dimes — Book Now
Sabrina De Sousa and Alissa Wagner

Fish Cheeks — Book Now
Jenn Saesue

Kings Co. Imperial Lower East Side — Book Now
Tracy Young

Malibu Farm — Book Now
Helene Henderson

Russ & Daughters Cafe — Book Now
Niki Russ Federman

Sel Rrose — Book Now
Kristin Vincent

North Brooklyn

Bar Beau — Book Now
Claire Chan

The Butcher’s Daughter Brooklyn — Book Now
Heather Tierney

Di an Di — Book Now
Kim Hoang

Emmy Squared Williamsburg — Book Now
Emily Hyland

Le Fanfare — Book Now
Giorgia Fadda

Le Garage — Book Now
Catherine and Rachel Allswang

The Four Horsemen — Book Now
Christina Topsøe

Kings Co. Imperial Williamsburg — Book Now
Tracy Young

Lighthouse — Book Now
Naama Tamir

Lilia — Book Now
Missy Robbins

Misi — Book Now
Missy Robbins

Pheasant — Book Now
Catherine Alexander

Pierozek — Book Now
Alexandra Siwiec

Ramona — Book Now
Natalka Burian

South Brooklyn

Bricolage — Book Now
Lien Lin

Elsa — Book Now
Natalka Burian

Emily BK — Book Now
Emily Hyland

Fausto — Book Now
Erin Shambura

The Good Fork — Book Now
Sohui Kim

Haenyeo — Book Now
Jenny Kwak

Hart’s — Book Now
Leah Campbell

Hunky Dory — Book Now
Claire Sprouse and Kirstyn Brewer

Insa — Book Now
Sohui Kim

James — Book Now
Deborah Williamson

LaLou — Book Now
Ilyssa Satter

LaRina Pastificio & Vino — Book Now
Silvia Barban

Le Succulent — Book Now
Melanie Delcourt

Otway — Book Now
Claire Well and Samantha Safer

Tanoreen — Book Now
Rawia Bishara

Long Island City

M. Wells Steakhouse — Book Now
Sarah Obraitis