Image Courtesy of Bloodwood


The Resy Guide To The Women-Owned Restaurants of Sydney


Bloodwood founder Claire Van Vuuren originally wanted to be an artist. As her story goes, she spent four years at art school, working at bars and cafes to support herself — and promptly fell in love with the industry. “I just loved the fast pace and being part of a team, and I’ve never really looked back,” she said in 2019.

According to groundbreaking nonprofit Parabere Forum, a scant 18% of head chef jobs worldwide are held by women. Van Vuuren is among their number, and one of a number of prominent chefs, founders and — crucially — restaurant owners responsible for shifting perceptions of women in restaurants in Sydney’s dining scene.

“The role of females in the industry is ever-changing and people are taking notice of that,” she says, “so there’s more room for talented women to shine and get recognised for their achievements. Although there is still a lot of catching up to do.”

These restaurants are among Sydney’s best and continue to shape the city’s dining landscape. They also happen to be owned by women.