Resy and partners support the Restaurant Reservation Anti-Piracy Act


From day one, Resy has been “By Restaurants, For Restaurants.”

Restaurants have told us bots and third parties who resell reservations without permission from the restaurant often lead to significant no-shows and late cancellations, hurting these small businesses and their customers. When we detect misuse or abuse that impacts reservations on our platform, Resy takes measures to protect and support our restaurant partners and users, including deactivating rogue accounts, canceling suspicious reservations, blocking bot traffic, and other technical measures to maintain the integrity of the Resy platform.

Now, the New York State Legislature is considering a bill that aims to prohibit the unauthorized listing and resale of restaurant reservations in New York State. If passed, it will be a significant step forward to protect restaurants and diners from reservation fraud.

That’s why Resy, in collaboration with several of our partners, is supporting the “Restaurant Reservation Anti-Piracy Act”. We sent the below letter to the bill’s sponsors and hope the New York State Legislature will pass it before adjourning on June 6.


May 22, 2024

Dear Chair Rozic, Assemblymember Bores, Senator Fernandez, and members of the Assembly Consumer Affairs And Protection Committee,

We, Resy and the undersigned restaurant owners and operators, write to express our strong support for A.10215 / S.9365 Restaurant Reservation Anti-Piracy Bill, which aims to prohibit the unauthorized listing and resale of restaurant reservations in New York State. Resy is a consumer-facing reservation platform for passionate diners and a digital dining platform that powers restaurants around the world, including the chefs and business owners below who represent award-winning and popular restaurants in New York City. As hospitality professionals, we aim to provide guests with exceptional dining experiences. However, the prevalence of reservation scalping and resale is undermining this goal.

This practice whereby third-party resellers are acquiring reservations and reselling them for a profit has significant negative impacts on small businesses and diners such as guest confusion and dissatisfaction, introducing additional administrative burdens, increased cancellations, and lost revenue for restaurants.

We urge you to support A.10215 / S.9365 Restaurant Reservation Anti-Piracy Bill as it will help to restore integrity to the reservation process. This bill will not only protect consumers but also support the sustainability of small business and the restaurant industry.


Pablo Rivero
Chief Executive Officer

Supporting New York Restaurants:
Will Nazar
Chief Development Officer
Major Food Group: Carbone, Torrisi, Dirty French, Parm, The Grill, The Lobster Club, Sadelle’s, The Ludlow, The Pool, ZZ’s Member Club

Sean Feeney
Grovehouse Hospitality Group: Lilia, Misi, Billy’s Place, Fini Williamsburg, Fini Amagansett, Misipasta, Misipasta x Governors Island, Red Hook Tavern

Eric Ripert
Le Bernardin, Aldo Sohm

Stefano and Lauren Secchi
Chef and Owners

Alice Wozniak
General Manager

Gabe Garza
Chief Development Officer
Boka Restaurant Group: Laser Wolf Brooklyn, K’Far Brooklyn, Jaffa Cocktail & Raw Bar

Simon Kim
Founder & CEO
Gracious Hospitality Management: COQODAQ, Cote Korean Steakhouse, Undercote

Faye Chen
Double Chicken Please, The Coop

Roni Mazumdar
Founder & CEO
UNAPOLOGETIC FOODS: Dhamaka, Semma, Adda, Naks, Masalawala & Sons, Rowdy Rooster

The following restaurants have joined Resy in support of the “Restaurant Reservation Anti-Piracy Act” since May 22, 2024.

Amanda McMillan
General Manager
The Four Horsemen

Kwame Onwuachi
Chef & Owner

Christopher Heydon and Craig Atlas
Creative Director & Managing Partner
Golden Age Hospitality: The Nines, The Happiest Hour, Acme, Deux Chats, Le Dive

Ellia Park
NA: EUN Hospitality: Atoboy, Atomix, Naro, Seoul Salon