all photos credit Evan Sung


COTE Korean Steakhouse is Now Part of the Resy Family


Korean steakhouse COTE joined Resy – in Miami and New York – and celebrated with diners in style.

On August 1, 2023, COTE Korean Steakhouse’s New York City and Miami locations joined Resy, instantly becoming one of the platform’s most sought-after restaurants.

Created by Korean American restaurateur Simon Kim, COTE combines elements of a classic American steakhouse with a Korean barbecue menu, atmosphere and sizzling grill-top tables.

“We have blended the dining experience of Korean BBQ with the quality steaks you’d find at a classic American steakhouse,” Chef David Shim said. “Whether our guests are indulging in delicious food, fine wines, or cocktails, we’ve designed COTE to be a place where quality and conviviality converge to create something truly special.”

COTE’s first weekend on Resy was filled with surprises for guests, compliments of Resy. On August 5 and 6, Resy diners were greeted with an amuse bouche – sustainable tuna topped with Petrossian caviar – and a limited-edition frozen treat, pineapple sorbet.

In addition to the in-restaurant treats, guests took home COTE’s custom salt – a blend of British Maldon flakes, Himalayan pink and Korean sea salt – for their at-home Korean barbecues. The salt is aged for 1,000 days.

As for the year ahead, COTE has a lot on the horizon. “Our team has a lot of exciting projects in the works, including COTE Singapore opening later this year, along with a multi-faceted project at 550 Madison Avenue in New York coming soon,” Chef Shim said.

For now, the question that is top of mind for diners remains, “How do I get a reservation?” Resy went to the source, COTE partner and director of operations Amy Zhou, for the tips and tricks to scoring a seat at both locations and the best combination of dishes to order once you’re in. Read Resy’s The One Who Keeps the Book: How to Get Into COTE.