Major dinner party energy at Bacetti. Photo courtesy of Bacetti

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The L.A. Reservations You’ll Want to Access in Spring 2023


A new season of Los Angeles dining isn’t typically ushered in after a “thaw.” And yet here we are, on the other side of a California blizzard, ready to get back to bragging about the endless days of sunshine to the loved ones in our life who choose harsher winter conditions. For the reservations you’ll be making once you coax visitors back to the West Coast, or for the business meals that you’ll inevitably fill with more small talk about the weather, you’ll be happy to hear this less apocalyptic news: the latest list of restaurant partners that Global Dining Access by Resy has added in L.A.

It’s shaping up to be another jam-packed year of dining as we ride the wave of making up for lost time. From what we can tell by the Notify lists, you’re just as insatiable as the rest of this town. Rejoice! We come bearing more restaurant partners who provide exclusive access opportunities to American Express premium cardmembers.

So get booking … Whether it’s a seat at the chef’s counter of Koreatown’s latest nostalgia-driven concept, or the highly anticipated sister restaurant taking over a Hollywood hidden garden, or a rowdy Indian sports bar in Echo Park, these additions are but a sliver of what you can expect this season.