The paella of your dreams. Photo courtesy of Otoño

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10 Escapist Dishes to Feel Like You’re Traveling the World (Without Leaving L.A.)


Picture this: You’ve just returned from an incredible trip abroad, complete with the most magical food of your life, and now you’re back in L.A. The question: How can you possibly recapture the flavors of your epic journey? 

The short answer is … you can’t. The brain has a tendency to play tricks that convince you that the cacio e pepe you ate while staring at the Colosseum actually tastes better. And it might. But since this is Los Angeles, you’re in luck, because while you may not be able to jet off to Rome or Oaxaca every time a craving hits, you can find faithfully recreated versions of the meals you’ve loved elsewhere in the world right here, in your backyard.

So, in the service of a bit of armchair escapism, we’ve put together a guide to the most inspired recreations of some of our favorite international meals — one that will allow you to eat vicariously from Japan to Spain, with layovers in Singapore, Tel Aviv, London, and more, right this way.