The larb force is strong at Night + Market. Photo courtesy of Night + Market WeHo

New to Global Dining AccessLos Angeles

Ka’teen, Night + Market, and More: How to Access L.A.’s Best in Summer 2022


We’re midway through one of the most wonderful slivers of seasons in L.A.: pre-summer summer. It’s right after that beautiful two weeks where the temporary exodus of residents to Coachella allows for roomier hospitality experiences, and right before the ACs get cranked up to the max. But through it all, our favorite restaurants have been keeping things exciting.

Perhaps subliminally inspired by this summer’s blockbusters, or riding the wave of nostalgia that periodically sweeps the culture, many (but not all) of the new additions to the roster of Global Dining Access by Resy can be found in the heart of Hollywood. Set a date and enjoy exclusive access to restaurants as an American Express premium card member — there are no wrong choices here.

Our most recent list of options in Los Angeles offers variety:  Get lost the Yucatan paradise that is Ka’teen. Experience the well-deserved hype that’s been brought back to life at Horses. Become (once again) beholden to the sorcery of Nancy Silverton at The Barish. The complete list of this season’s noteworthy spots awaits just below.