Suckling pigs in the wood-fired oven at Peasant.
Consider a whole suckling pig, split six ways. Photo by Michael Condran, courtesy of Peasant

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A Resy Guide to the Best Large-Format Dishes in New York


There is something to be said about the large-format dish. The one that draws your attention and makes you pause mid-bite when it’s waltzed into the dining room. The one that gets hungrily taken apart by you and your friends. The one your entire night may or may not revolve around. The one that most definitely will not leave you hungry.

On such occasions, dinner becomes a show, and you better hope that it involves more than a party of two. The following show-stopping dishes are meant for sharing and planning ahead, if only to gather a crew. From a spiky king crab served three ways to a whole suckling pig fresh off the roasting spit, welcome to the best large-format dishes the city offers.