Courtesy of Melrose Umbrella Co.
Courtesy of Melrose Umbrella Co.

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Where to Drink Right Now in Los Angeles


How it started: “I really need a drink.”’ 

How it’s going: “I really need to see other people … ideally with a drink.”

With sparkles of hope in our eyes, we’re looking towards brighter days in Los Angeles — spending pleasant afternoons with long-lost friends and family, warm breezes, perfectly engineered margaritas, and botanically-brewed beers. And now with bars safely opening again, we can move beyond the backyard and patio to enjoy all this in places where someone else is mixing and pouring into glassware that’s not chipped from our own dishwasher.

Here, then, are our choices for some of this season’s best cocktail bars, beer hubs, and more. Cheers all around.