Courtesy of Frankford Hall
Courtesy of Frankford Hall


The Resy Guide to Breweries and Brewpubs in Philadelphia


Like so many other things in Philadelphia, our brewing scene is steeped in history. A century ago, the city of Brotherly Love was home to nearly one hundred breweries, crafting lagers and at least one popular porter made by local brewer Robert Hare. (It was likely the first American-made porter, and George Washington was reportedly a fan.) Philly even has a neighborhood called Brewerytown, which, at the turn of the 20th century, was populated by German immigrants making roughly half the city’s beer.

But Prohibition dried up the once-robust industry. While Pennsylvania’s Yuengling is the state (and country’s) oldest operating brewery, in operation for nearly 200 years, Yards reignited Philly’s brewing scene in 1994. Since then, the city has exploded with craft breweries of every size. From nano operations crafting ever more creative sours and stouts, to massive operations making consistent fan favorites, here are nine breweries you shouldn’t miss in Philadelphia. Bonus: Most of them serve pretty great food as well.