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MáLà Project’s Ning Amelie Kang Is All About Wings and Uyghur Food


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To-Go Takes is Resy’s regular feature wherein we quiz the folks behind some of our favorite restaurants about all things related to takeout. 

In this edition, we speak to Ning Amelie Kang, the co-founder and owner of fiery Sichuanese sensation, MáLà Project, currently open for outdoor dining, pickup, and delivery. Below, she shares some of her favorite takeout tips, tricks, cocktails, and regular stops.


Restaurant: MáLà Project
Name + Title: Ning (Amelie) Kang, Co-founder & Owner

Resy: What’s your favorite dish from MáLà Project’s takeout menu?

Kang: Spicy dry pot with sliced beef eye of round, spam, beef tendon, and tons of mushrooms.

Where are you getting takeout from and what are you ordering?

— Caravan Uyghur Cuisine: Special braised chicken and pan-fried noodles.
— Saigon Social: The wings.
— Kopitiam: The pan mee.

Best tip to amp up your takeout?

Heating your food in a pan a little, and plating it in a nice plate instead of eating out of takeout containers makes a big difference.

What’s your favorite place for cocktails to go?

Super Power in Crown Heights and Angel’s Share in the East Village.

What single restaurant dish would you walk miles for?

Frog legs at Maison Yaki.

What restaurant do you wish was open?

Maison Premiere. All the cocktails please, let me start with one of each. And Estela, for the beef tartare.

What do you miss the most about restaurants?

To have a simple meal at the restaurant bar/counter.

MáLà Project East Village is open for outdoor dining for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Order takeout and delivery here.

MáLà Project Bryant Park is open for outdoor dining for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Order takeout and delivery here.