Image Courtesy of Fat Hen.

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Chef’s Picks: The Lowcountry dishes to Try at Fat Hen


Located in the heart of Charleston’s Johns Island farming community, Fat Hen is owned and operated by the nationally acclaimed chef, Fred Neuville and his wife Joan. The husband-and-wife team prepares innovative French Lowcountry cuisine, using fresh ingredients from local purveyors to transport diners back to the farm. The result is a truly special, cozy, and delicious meal. This is a list of a handful of top dishes to order — and a slice of signature pie for good measure — with some special recommendations from the duo behind it all.

1. Cherry Tomato, Smoked Beets & Arugula Salad: When you’re dreaming of salad, you’re probably envisioning this one: smoked beets, arugula, dried apples, candied pecans, and cherry tomatoes, all tossed in a golden raisin vinaigrette. It’s a must.

2. Cured Meats: You know you’re going to be satisfied when they’re cured in-house. Add spiced walnuts and the appropriate condiments for good measure.

3. Steak Tartare: Raw beef with capers, fines herbs, shallot, Dijon mustard, a quail egg, and toast points: a recipe for success.

The Fat Hen’s Steak Tartare. Photo courtesy of The Chart Group.

4. Steamed Mussels: Offered in five versions- including the Marniére, the Aioli, the Pistou, and the Curry Cream- the ideal event is the Provençal, served with apple wood smoked bacon, tomatoes, capers, spinach, fresh herbs, garlic and artichoke hearts.

5. Seared Duck Confit: The leg and thigh served with a demi-glace, brandied apricots, garlic, spinach, and lemon roasted sweet potatoes. Friends, it’s time for duck.