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The NYC Reservations You’ll Want to Access in Summer 2023


As quick as we are to celebrate spring in New York, the reality is that we’re staring directly into the face of summer. Sweltering temperatures aside, it’s is also the season of long weekends and clocking out early, and perhaps giving priority to a late-afternoon beverage al fresco. What better way to spend those longer days than at our favorite restaurants?

Luckily there’s an ever-expanding swath of new restaurants in Global Dining Access by Resy, which provides exclusive opportunities for American Express premium cardmembers to nab prime-time tables.

Now, where to start? We’ve rounded up a sampling of recent additions to help you get your wheels turning — including a recently resurged fine-dining behemoth, a polished wine bar imbued with a European spirit, a Balinese beachy newcomer, and much more. All you need is to decide where to start. But hurry — summer’s coming on quick.