El Quijote's El Presidente cocktail
El Quijote’s El Presidente. Photo by Eric Medsker, courtesy of El Quijote

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The Resy Guide to 18 Classic Cocktails and the New York Bars That Do Them Best


What makes for a great classic cocktail? After all, by definition a “classic” has been around a long time, meaning you can almost certainly find that drink in multiple places at any given time. Yet, a great classic cocktail experience isn’t just about how long a drink has endured. The drink itself should be well-made; that’s a given. But it’s also about how it’s presented — perhaps in iconic fashion, like a martini, or maybe it’s a memorably over-the-top mai tai — and where: the space, the neighborhood, and just the overall vibe. Here are 18 places to enjoy some favorite classic cocktails — and a few noteworthy variations — around New York right now.