Abe Fisher's Montreal-style ribs.
Abe Fisher’s Montreal-style ribs.

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The January Hit List: El Poquito, Abe Fisher, the Breakfast Den, and More


New year. New food. As we walk away from 2020, let’s remember the rejuvenating power of new experiences, and the joy that comes from supporting Philadelphia’s restaurants. 2020 came down hard on our friends in hospitality, but they took it with grace — and, in the face of a lot of adversity, developed creative ways to adapt to the everchanging dining landscape. So, in 2021, let’s remember how important the simple act of eating, drinking, and enjoying ourselves can be not just for our own psyche but for our community.

This month we’ve got the comforts of Vietnamese American dishes served for brunch, a beer garden with 10 unique ways to spice up chicken wings, and Michael Solomonov’s all-popular project to breathe new life into Jewish deli classics. Onward with this month’s Hit List.