Master sommelier Aldo Sohm. Photo by Meredith Jenks for Resy

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Seven Questions For Aldo Sohm of Le Bernardin and Aldo Sohm Wine Bar


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Aldo Sohm is the sommelier and winemaker at the four-star Le Bernardin, as well as Aldo Sohm Wine Bar, which recently reopened for both outdoor and indoor seating. Pro tip: Don’t miss Aldo Upstairs, a new bar spinoff accessed via a private elevator from the main wine bar, with reservations available via Aldo Sohm Wine Bar.

1. Resy: What’s it been like to be back in service, back on the floor during this new era?

Aldo Sohm: I’m happy to see people again and open delicious wine. Life is not a one-way street and it will pass.

2. When it comes to diner etiquette, what are some best practices that you’d recommend for people who may be eating out?

Wear a mask when not seated at your table and conduct a self-health screening before dining out.

3. What wines are particularly exciting to you right now?

The wine world has never been more exciting than it is today. In almost every region, there are new up-and-coming producers popping up. I particularly love wines from Galicia right now, as well as Canary Island. I am also enjoying wines from Piedmont quite a bit — and there’s always Champagne.

4. What did you drink during your time off?

I did a lot of talks on social media that I named #winesimple happy hour. I tried to taste a lot of wines that were less than $25 and had a lot of fun doing so. It’s important to open your mind and just taste.

5. What are your favorite wines during the holiday season?

Champagne, no question. Wines from Northern Rhone, especially from Saint-Joseph, Cornas, and if I splurge, Côte-Rôtie.

6. What are your hopes for the wine world in a post-COVID era?

Sitting together with my friends for a glass of wine (or two).

7. What’s your favorite Eric Ripert story?

“Bordeaux goes with everything” is a favorite quote of mine from Eric. The irony is not missed as he’s a phenomenal seafood chef, and I greatly dispute that for the obvious reasons. (Many years ago, we turned this story into a web series.)