Pairings of all colors and flavors at Ruffian.
Pairings of all colors and flavors at Ruffian.

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Roberta’s, Côte, Skin Contact, and More: Introducing the Resy Wine Hit List


One myth about wine people is that, when we plan dinner out, we think first and foremost about what to drink. Or maybe it’s half true; we prefer to think of it as a meeting of minds — a spectacular wine program should show up alongside brilliant cooking. Why choose one or the other?

“Spectacular” can be misunderstood, though: Lots of restaurants try and impress on the wine front by leaning on sheer numbers. These days, you might not want to flip through an  encyclopedia to find something to drink. Great wine programs today are more about editing and aesthetics, about perfecting a vibe, than simply aiming for shock and awe.

And so, welcome to Resy’s Wine Hit List, our tribute to places where you can find wine bliss. As with our mainline Hit Lit, great food is essential; we’ll be highlighting can’t-miss places where you’ll drink as well as you eat — and recommending three bottles that won’t disappoint. We’re choosing these with an eye toward reasonable pricing, so while there’s a splurge here and there, we’re also  looking for great choices to enjoy on a random night out. And while many restaurants have returned to their standard markups — around twice retail — many have retained some of the great pricing they instituted earlier this year. (These are bottle prices unless otherwise noted.)

So come thirsty, remember to tip well and be a courteous diner, and stay tuned for lots more recommendations in coming months.