Some of the taco selections at Juno.
Some of the taco selections at Juno.

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The September Hit List: Forsythia, Juno, Zahav, Aksum Cafe, and More


Summer may be winding down, but dining in Philadelphia is steadily ramping up with more outdoor seating, pop-ups, patios, rooftop bars, and a citywide plan in place for indoor dining.  Though a glimmer of hope for indoor dining is on the horizon, September gives us a few more weeks to enjoy a relaxing meal outside, whether the modern French stylings of Forsythia, the scallop ceviche at Juno, or elote fritter hoagies at American Sardine Bar.  

So break out your sunglasses, pull up a seat, and pair that sunshine with the season’s last fruity cocktail before the summer winds become a brisk fall breeze.  And enjoy this month’s Hit List.