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Resy’s Guide to Wine Takeout in New York


Wine in restaurants is always complicated: Are you making the right choice? Is it a good deal? Right now, though, is actually a terrific time to buy wine from restaurants.

Changes in local laws prompted by COVID-19 have allowed many restaurants to sell wine from their inventory to go — and a growing number are offering everything from modest bottles for dinner to rare selections. It’s a special win-win for wine lovers. You can support a restaurant you love while getting a bottle for dinner. (Nearly all are also offering food for takeout and delivery. And we have a separate guide for restaurants selling groceries.)

Here’s our guide to some of the top New York City restaurants offering wine for sale.

In addition to their meal kits, both of Ignacio Mattos’ restaurants are selling packs of wine from their vigorously natural-minded lists, with such selections as Romain Petiteau’s Catorpée, a preternatural take on melon from the Loire Valley. Order here.

Selections are available from the wine list at close to retail prices, such as Remi Dufaitre’s Beaujolais and Gaillac pét-nat from Domaine Plageoles. In addition, co-owner Ellia Park is offering a daily wine special. Order here.

A modest set of selections from sommelier Alexander LaPratt are available, including Melsheimer riesling from the Mosel and Rioja Reserva from Bodega Antaño. Order here.

In addition to takeout and pantry staples, the Japanese comfort-food spot in the West Village is offering half off wines like Frantz Chagnoleau’s white Saint-Véran, as well as top sake selections like the Biho junmai ginjo from Hiroshima’s Imada Shuzo, one of the only female-led breweries in Japan. Order here.

The Park Slope tavern has a standout selection from its wine cellar, everything from Do Ferreiro albariño to Joseph Swan’s Cuvée de Trois pinot noir from Sonoma. Order here.

These sibling restaurants are each selling naturally-focused wines as part of their weekly provisions-to-go offering—including multipacks of pét-nat and orange wine, selections from producers like Fond Cyprés in the Languedoc. Pickup varies by day: Order here for Wednesday pickups at the Fly, here for Saturday at Cervo’s, and here for Sunday at Hart’s.

The Soho restaurant is temporarily closed, but offering a charity-minded 6-pack of wines from sommeliers’ winemaking projects for delivery through its retail sibling Parcelle Wine.

The crack somm team here has assembled numerous wine multi-packs to pick up or via delivery, with themes like the Jura and the “How Many Hipsters Does it take to Screw in a Light Bulb” (hard to explain; check it yourself). Order here.

Wine director Justin Chearno has devised an exceptional selection of bottles to go from this naturally-minded Williamsburg wine bar — everything from Jean-Yves Péron’s Côtillon des Dames orange wine from the Savoie to Nicolas Carmarans’ rare chenin blanc-based Selves white … to say nothing of their brilliant homage to Capri Sun-like juice packs. Order here for daily pickup, or email them to get a copy of the full current list, with many wines sold at retail prices.

The Franks have for the moment transformed their corner space on Court Street to a pickup-only grocery and bottle shop, with everything from their signature olive oil to priced-to-go bottles like Danjou Banessy’s Supernova from the Roussillon and a three-pack of wines from top Piedmontese producer Burlotto. Order here.

The West Village restaurant is offering a selection of mostly imported wines, including from numerous regions of France. Shop here.

Sohui Kim’s Korean restaurant in Gowanus is offering a  selection of wines from its naturally-minded list, like Franz Strohmeier’s Schilcher sparkling rosé and Forlorn Hope’s red Queen of the Sierra red blend from California, plus sake and cocktails. Order here.

The Williamsburg café has a small selection of naturalish bottles for delivery, such as Celler Frisach’s orange La Foradada from Spain. Order here.

The steakhouse and FiDi institution is offering a deeply discounted handful of wines from its seemingly endless  cellar, including Selbach-Oster kabinett riesling from the Mosel and Barolo from Alessandro Veglio. Call (212) 785-9200 or order here.

The Prospect Heights bistro has a focued selection of bottles for pickup, such as rosé cava from Raventos i Blanc and grüner veltliner from Austria’s Bernhard Ott. Call (718) 942-4255 to order.

The team at this East Village homage to eastern Europe is selling an extensive range of wine through their sister venue Ruffian. As you’d expect the focus is natural, and offbeat, so in addition to individual bottles like Brianne Day’s VdD white from Oregon and syrah from Australia’s Tom Shobbrook, there are multibottle packs — including an homage to Harry Potter, in keeping with Ruffian’s with-a-wink list of wine specials. Oh, and online wine classes, too, with partners Alexis Percival and Patrick Cournot. Delivery in lower Manhattan. Order here.

The Cobble Hill nexus of natural wine has selections like grenache blanc from California producer Rootdown and Champagne from Lelarge-Pugeot. You can order here, or contact them directly at (917) 909-0434 or hello@junebk.com to get 50% off the wines on its current list via pickup.

There’s more than just the hearty pork terrine and matzoh ball soup at this Long Island City homage to Montreal excess. There’s also a tightly edited set of natural wine, from producers like Frantz Saumon in the Loire and Broc Cellars in Berkeley. Order here.

Ariel Arce’s nightly restaurant-as-dinner-party has pivoted into takeout, and that includes discounted selections from her deep wine list, including plenty of grower Champagne. Its sibling Tokyo Record Bar is offering much the same.

The avant-garde Prospect Heights restaurant has started offering grocery boxes several times with week, as well as a deep selection of naturally minded wine from producers like Jean-Pierre Robinot and Oregon’s Minimus, and a choice selection of New Australian gems from Jauma and The Other Right. Order here.

Samantha Safer’s modish Clinton Hill restaurant has, among other things, offered a clutch selection of notably natural wines to go, everything from Domaine du Bel Air’s Jour de Soif cabernet franc from Chinon to Weszeli rosé from eastern Austria. Order here.

In addition to the dinner menu, wine director Miguel de Leon created a special, discounted “Quarantine Edition” of Pinch’s extensive wine list for takeout and delivery, including a deep selection of pét-nat sparkling wines.  Email nihao@pinchchinese.com or order here.

The Cobble Hill restaurant recently switched to a provisions-and-wine format, including access to James O’Brien’s well-liked wine program. The new website is still coming together but call (718) 222-1901 or email james@popinanyc.com for more details.

To go with Billy Durney’s epic burger, the team at Red Hook Tavern has selected an outstanding, discount-priced set of wines to go, including the Fleurie Charbonnières from Domaine Chapel and Old Westminster orange piquette from Maryland. And most of the deep wine list is available to order on request. Order here.

In addition to its pasta-at-home kits, it’s offering a well-picked selection, including Medici Ermete lambrusco and Abbazia di Novacello’s exceptional pinot grigio. Order here.

The no-waste Fort Greene wine bar is offering both weekly discovery packs of selected wines, as well as specific bottles to go, from producers like Cahors’ Fabien Jouves and Austria’s Christian Tschida. Order here for the packs and here for individual bottles, with free pickup and $15 delivery.

The Lower East Side bar has opened a natural wine shop with bottles to go, including a focus on orange wines from producers like Jolie-Laide in California and Domaine Riestch in Alsace. Shop here.

In addition to its cocktails, the Park Slope mainstay is offering a handful of modestly-priced bottles, such as sauvignon blanc from Germany’s exceptional Von Winning. Order here.

The wine-minded Harlem restaurant has a deep choice of top-end wines for pickup at a discount, such as Champagne from Pierre Peters and Château Phelan-Ségur from Saint-Estèphe. Order here.

The immensely popular Orchard Street duo have joined their strengths to create “Contrair,” including a selection from their deep roster of natural wines, available to go—bottles like Les Capriades’ Pet Sec pét-nat from the Loire and the hard-to-get Bichi rosé from Baja California. Order here.