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6 Essential Charleston Eateries, According to Restaurateur Brooks Reitz


Resy sat down with Brooks Reitz—restaurateur behind beloved Charleston eateries Little Jack’s Tavern and Leon’s Oyster Shop, and Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. purveyor—to find out his favorite local spots for a weekend well-spent in the Holy City!

“There are tons of great restaurants in Charleston, but like anyone in your hometown, you find the places where you are a regular and don’t stray from those too much. In Charleston, we have a hit list of five or six restaurants that we consistently go to.”

Discover Brooks’ essential city-wide haunts: 

Image courtesy of Chez Nous.

French, Cannonborough/Elliotborough

“Over the weekend, we’re liable to have one sort of rich, sinful lunch. If we want to have a boozy lunch, but be a bit more elegant — drink a bottle of wine, and sit out in the courtyard — we’ll go to Chez Nous.” Book now on Resy.

Mexican, French Quarter

“If we’re in the mood for something more casual, and looking forward to watching sports, while enjoying cold beer and rich Mexican food, we’ll go to Minero—Sean Brock’s casual Mexican joint, which I love.” Learn more.

Image courtesy of Little Jack’s Tavern.

Tavern & Steakhouse, North Central

“I eat lunch throughout the week at either Leon’s [Oyster Shop] or Little Jack’s Tavern almost exclusively. My go-to lunch order is the chopped salad or shrimp burger at Little Jack’s, and the Siam salad at Leon’s.” Book now on Resy.

Asian Comfort, Cannonborough/Elliotborough

“For dinner during the week—if we’re looking for a vibe—we’ll go to Xiao Bao Biscuit, which is Asian cooking but no specific country. They are pulling from Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese cuisines– it’s a great spot.” Learn more. 

Image courtesy of The Ordinary.

Seafood, Cannonborough

“Whenever friends come to visit, they always want to go to my restaurants (Little Jack’s Tavern or Leon’s Oyster). For a nice dinner [together], we’ll hit up The Ordinary.” Book now on Resy.

Lebanese, Downtown

Leyla is a little Lebanese restaurant on King Street, and our go-to for a low-key dinner during the week.” Learn more

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