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Order In, Help Out: What People Are Saying About Resy and American Express Promoting Local Takeout


Continuing our efforts to support restaurants through the pandemic, Resy and American Express launched Order In, Help Out, a campaign to rally diners to order takeout and make a positive impact on their local restaurant communities. Takeout Tuesday, a specific initiative from Resy to encourage takeout orders on what is typically a slow day for the industry was also revealed.

Resy is providing a promotional toolkit to its partners on starting 2/17 so all restaurants can get involved. Our Editorial team has also compiled a collection of curated stories and guides for diners to explore about grabbing takeout in their city at

Announced on Monday, February 1st, media outlets across the country took notice and are excited to spread the word.

Here’s a roundup of some responses to the campaign:

“If you’re feeling a little stir crazy during this winter of endless lockdowns, American Express and Resy are here to remind you that delicious food is still within in your reach.”

– Fast Company – Save Local Restaurants. Order More Damn Takeout!

“‘When customers order takeout from an independent restaurant, they are truly helping to keep the doors open and lights on,’ said Karen Akunowicz, chef and owner of Fox & The Knife in Boston.”

– Forbes – How To Pump $700 Million A Day Into The Restaurant Industry

“If not having to cook dinner for the 300th time on Tuesday isn’t enough of an incentive to do takeout, certain Amex cards like Delta SkyMiles and Hilton Honors can earn up to $220 in credits at U.S. restaurants.”

– Esquire – Make Takeout Tuesday a New Tradition to Help Restaurants Get Through Winter

“Tuesday is one of the slowest days of the week for restaurants, but American Express and reservation management platform Resy are teaming up to speed things up.”

– Adweek – American Express, Resy Want You to Order Takeout on Tuesday

For more information about Order In, Help Out and Takeout Tuesday, visit

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