Photos courtesy of Dara Klein and Tiella.

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Chef Dara Klein of Tiella Loves Etles’ Big Plate Chicken and Sunday Nights at Cadet


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Where do chefs go and, more importantly, where do they love to eat? In Resy Regulars, we ask Resy chefs to tell us where they’re regulars.

In this edition, we’re talking to Dara Klein, the talented chef behind Tiella, which has become a must-visit during its residency at The Compton Arms in Islington. Klein has worked at some of London’s favourite restaurants (not least Sager + Wilde Paradise Row and Brawn), where she honed her own spin on regional Italian cooking, an approach that has won her acclaim and an army of fans at Tiella.

On her nights off, she seeks out restaurants that provide warmth and a hit of comfort, not dissimilar to the dishes she prepares for guests at Tiella. So, braises, stews, and grills all feature, accompanied by heavenly plates of just-baked breads, steaming mounds of rice, and noodles. Here are a few of her favourite spots, in her own words.