The Red Hen’s cacio e pepe is always there — if you ask. Photo courtesy of The Red Hen

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The Resy Guide to the Best Vegetarian Pasta Dishes in D.C.


There is nothing in life quite as comforting as a big bowl of pasta. Luckily, here in the nation’s capital we have a deep roster of fantastic Italian restaurants, each of which serves its own variety. The net effect is a full spectrum, encompassing all the different parts of Italy — as well as versions never conceived there, but instead devised by our own local chefs.

Indeed, our local talent is particularly skilled at pasta dishes that showcase local, seasonal produce, as way to add flavor, texture and color, and to demonstrate their ingenuity. So, look beyond the meatballs and Bolognese (or don’t — check out what Tonari is up to with Bolognese). Because sampling some of these vegetarian pastas is a great way to experience the originality of some of our best chefs in D.C. — and an opportunity to enjoy some of the season’s best ingredients.

Here’s our selection of 10 of the best vegetarian pasta dishes around the district. Make it your goal to try every one. A summer of endless pasta … what could be better?