The Resy Guide to The Women-Owned Restaurants of London


When it comes to women in the hospitality industry, the most recent count shows just 17 percent of professional chefs in the UK are female, and of the 57% of women in the industry, one in four are in the most junior roles, 57 percent in part-time ones.

The numbers aren’t pretty, but then they don’t tell the full story. They don’t show the female bar owner pouring only wines made by women; they don’t show the chef employing ex-offenders or an all-female team; they don’t show the women speaking out about abuse in the industry; and they don’t show the young girl watching a female chef on the television and thinking ‘I could be her’. There are reasons to be optimistic.

Throughout June, Resy will honour women in the hospitality industry through our annual Women of Food series. We’re celebrating the restaurants, and the women behind them, who shape the vibrant dining scene in the city, and around the country. These women know how to hustle and are changing the future of hospitality, one dish at a time. From iconic institutions like Rochelle Canteen to new leaders like Mandy Yin of Sambal Shiok, here’s our Guide to London’s Women-Owned Restaurants. We celebrate them all.