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The Resy Guide to The Best Restaurants in Kings Cross


Dining in Kings Cross is often more a matter of circumstance rather than being a go-to dining neighbourhood like Soho or Shoreditch – nobody really chooses to hang out there, but it sure is convenient. But the area’s explosion as a tech hub has gone hand-in-hand with Kings Cross and St Pancras’ revitalisation as travel nexuses, and a bevy of new hotels and restaurants – see the swanky Decimo at The Standard, or the futuristic Coals Drop Yard – has sprung up to offer everything from somewhere to grab a glass of wine after work, to private dining options galore. For casual options, also see Dim Sum Duck for peerless Cantonese cooking, Hawker’s Kitchen for excellent Malaysian food, and Aux Pains de Papy for the best croissants in London. Here’s our pick of the best restaurants in Kings Cross.