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Couvant has a plate ready for you. Photo courtesy of Couvant

The Hit ListNew Orleans

The April Hit List: Rizzuto’s, Plume Algiers, Couvant, and More


The weather this time of year in New Orleans is gorgeous, though our hearts are still broken from last month’s tornado that ran across part of the Westbank and Arabi.

A spate of New Orleanians are doing what they do when disaster strikes: helping their neighbors in need. Keep an eye out for mutual-aid fundraisers when dining out over the next weeks. 

This month, when we’re not supporting our neighbors, we’ll be craving old-school Italian at Rizzuto’s, a double-header of sublime Indian on both sides of the river at Plume Algiers and Tava, and the debut of a new chef at a gorgeous downtown hotel restaurant.