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Photo courtesy of Palm & Pine

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The November Hit List: Gris-Gris, Dooky Chase, Palm & Pine, and More


Ah, November. Full-on autumn has arrived in New Orleans, a time for the changing of the menus and high demand for outdoor tables. This is what we live for, what sustains us as we endure sweltering summers like the one we recently departed. With November comes clear skies, low humidity, and the earnest return of tourist competition for a reservation.

And restaurants are just as thrilled. There are new menus and outdoor seating at Avo and Gris-Gris. Pop-ups are popping up everywhere. The Audubon Clubhouse, probably the most underutilized and mismanaged of all the city’s beautiful places, is now under the management of the Dickie Brennan Group. And  it’s now a lot easier to grab a slot at the legendary Dooky Chase’s.

This month we are stepping outside, and trying new things. Your latest Resy Hit List is here to show the way.